Happy Winter Break!

Making the Most of Your Winter Break

This winter break, get off the couch and start exploring with some of these activities:
  1. While it’s not golf season, you can still enjoy some outdoor time. Take a hike, go for a run, build a snowman, go ice skating or sledding. Do some activities you don’t usually do when you’re busy with school. Walk downtown, go to the movies, attend a sporting event on a nearby college campus.   Ask someone to teach you a card game, or play some board games with your friends.
  2. Read.  Whether you read a paperback, or on your device, a good book offers a chance to imagine, learn and escape into the world of other times, cultures and settings. Reading improves your comprehension and vocabulary and may contribute to an improved SAT or ACT score. Reading is good preparation for future college courses in which you may be required to read a new book every week.
  3. Take some time to start exploring colleges by going to the website of each college you might find of interest.  You can also find out information about colleges at:  
    or  www.collegedata.com or www.cappex.com
  4.  Think about possible careers that might be of interest to you and what you may want to major in when you go to college.  Talk to relatives or family friends who may be visiting and who work in certain fields that you might want to explore. Check out www.collegemajors.com
  5. Perhaps you’d like to help out with the cooking over the break.  Learning to cook is a great life skill. Check YouTube or online tutorials for online recipes and instructions. You’ll find cookbooks on the Schlow Memorial Library website such as Teens Cook: How to Cook What you Want to Eat, by Megan Carle. https://search.schlowlibrary.org.
  6. You may want to volunteer some of your time during your break.  Offer to babysit for a friend or neighbor to give that mom, dad or grandparent a few free hours, Get a group of friends and visit a retirement or nursing home.  Explore how you can help out at local religious institutions or non-profit organizations.  Collect items for the food bank, a pet shelter, or a homeless shelter.

Have fun over your winter vacation and consider trying something new. Enjoy!