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Choosing a college is an expensive and important decision. My goal is your goal--to identify the best college to meet your child’s unique interests, talents, learning style and career objectives. Together, we can help your child find the right college where he or she will be happy and successful.

Heather Ricker-Gilbert, D.Ed

How I Help Your Child Get Into College

       As an educator and college admissions consultant, my mission is to provide customized information and encouragement to students and parents throughout the entire competitive college selection and admissions process. With personal, positive, and professional guidance, I provide students with strategies to meet the challenge of selecting, and being selected by, the college or university that most closely matches their interests and abilities.

      I have dedicated my career to higher education and I am committed to young people. I would like to help your son or daughter enjoy and achieve success in planning for college. May I lend my expertise, energy, and experience to you as you look ahead toward college? I look forward to speaking with you.

What Parents Say:

“As a concerned parent and school administrator, it would have been easy to think I was equipped with the skills to help my daughter Brittany visit the "right" colleges, write her essays, and apply wisely.  Fortunately, we called on Dr. Ricker-Gilbert whose expertise is apparent within the first five minutes of conversation.  Dr. Ricker-Gilbert took the anxiety out of this very stressful process and quickly moved Brittany forward to writing a powerful resume and thoughtful essay.  Dr. Ricker-Gilbert immediately gained our trust because she was sensitive to Brittany's personality, character, and academic history.  
She guided Brittany to good choices and we are thankful for the part Dr. Ricker-Gilbert played in making Brittany a successful student at New York University.”

                           Karen Berasi, Ridgefield, CT

Peter and I want to thank you for doing such a fine job with Joe… You provided him with the guidance and motivation that he needed. Your services are wonderful and I would highly recommend them to anyone.  Great job!"

                           Maria Turchi, Tolland, CT

“I want to let you know how much you helped us all in making decisions, meeting deadlines and maintaining our focus during the madness of the college application process. Having your expertise and counsel to guide us gave our daughter an impartial,  but very interested  supporter to help her along the way. I would recommend your services without hesitation….”

                           Susan Spak, Storrs, Connecticut

Dr. Heather Ricker-Gilbert can be reached at:  collegegateways@comcast.net

Heather Ricker-Gilbert

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“I learned about Dr. Ricker-Gilbert’s excellent services from a friend who lives in Connecticut.  When the time came for my son to apply to college, we called Dr. Ricker-Gilbert  even though we live in Ohio.  We used email for exchanging files, and Skype for one hour sessions to talk and see each other.  There was never a problem communicating this way and we were very pleased with the results.  The Internet made it possible for us to use the services of somebody we trusted.  This is a great feeling when dealing with the college application process.”

Daniela Solomon,
Youngstown, Ohio


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